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Presented T-Nexus (AEP’s New NMMS) at NATF Meeting in Denver on May 15th

Margaret Goodrich, T-Nexus Integration Lead (Project Consultants President) and Sutton Sutherin, T-Nexus Project Manager (American Electric Power) presented T-Nexus – AEP’s Network Model Management Solution at the North American Transmission Forum meeting.

T-Nexus Purpose

  • Revise network model management in the AEP Operations, Planning, Protection and Asset Management domains with the intent of gaining qualitative benefits across all AEP Transmission footprints

T-Nexus Goals

  • Unify modeling processes across the AEP Transmission footprints
  • Reduce manual effort of mapping between applications
  • Improve data governance
  • Implement clear information flow throughout AEP Transmission organization
  • Enable data analytics