Our Approach

Our Commitment

Everyone at PCItek is committed to high integrity, professional behavior that is honest and transparent.  We strive to inspire a healthy team working environment and respect co-workers whether from the PCItek team or from external partners.

Our Methodology

For systems integration, PCItek has developed a methodology for implementing an integration strategy for project execution. 


  • Focuses on IT/OT integration
  • Enables clients to deliver services and analytics that can only result from bringing business data and operational decisions together; such as load optimization, system weaknesses and reliability constraints

Standards based

  • Focuses on standards compliance and building solutions that will interoperate internally and externally 
  • Employs the IEC Common Information Model (CIM) as its core information model

Model Driven

  • Utilizes Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect to create, extend and transform a CIM model tailored specifically to our clients’ needs
  • Traces between use cases and CIM models


  • Is designed to achieve success beyond the first project by building an integration strategy that will adapt easily to other industry players implementing similar technology. 
  • Our experience with the standards, industry groups, and both participating in and managing multi-party interoperability tests gives us unique capabilities to deliver an effective standards-based integration strategy that helps our client build robust and flexible integration architectures using CIM.