Ratings and Impedence Calculator (RIC)

The Ratings & Impedance Calculator (RIC) is a product designed to compute and update line and transformer impedances and operational limits and to model detailed circuit-related data. It facilitates quick and accurate calculations for planning and operations. The RIC will accept input data manually or via a file or database and performs 10 calculations including:

  • Overhead single and bundled conductor line constants and thermal ratings
  • Tap to Tap most limiting series element determination
  • Breaker to breaker most limiting series element determination for transmission lines and transformers
  • Parallel line mutual impedances for fault analysis
  • Both zero sequence and positive sequence Impedances
  • Impedance and Thermal limit compilation of segments of consistent line construction into line segment values

The RIC metadata design is based on the IEC CIM and implemented within a CIM database schema. The metadata includes all necessary input for impedance and operational limit calculations.

Importing and exporting RIC data is supported by import and export functions. Full read/write access to RIC data is provided by the APIs. The user interface supports viewing and editing of RIC data.

The RIC Architecture is modular and includes an API as well as an Ad-Hoc Planning Calculator for use as a user sandbox.

The Ad-Hoc Planning Calculator has User input screens or allows importing of spreadsheet data to perform the calculations. As shown below, for Thermal Calculations, the user may enter or import Wind Information, Conductor and Temperature Information and Position and Environment settings.